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Ohio State Spin-out: Live Focus

Project Description

Modern camera lenses, even those in smart phones can achieve incredible optical clarity thanks to advances in lens technology and manufacturing techniques. The drawback though, is that because materials like glass and plastic are used to form the lenses, the curvature and thereby focal length is fixed and cannot be changed after manufacturing.

A research team led by Dr. Zhao at The Ohio State University has invented a lens that is formed by liquid which can be ‘tuned’ to different focal lengths by actuating the pressure on the fluid. The ability to dynamically change focal length allows for a single lens to replace multiple fixed lenses in an assembly.

Under contract from Ohio State, Launch Labs completed a use case identification project where we utilized a unique, workshop based approach to extract use-case insights and form the strategy for the product development moving forward.

Project Details

Client Ohio State
Date 2016
Skills Design Research, Strategy

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